Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Project

I decided to make myself a Valentine quilt.  Here are the fabrics that I bought a few years ago and stashed away.   Now is the time to get a quilt made during these snowy days.  I'm paper piecing first,  then will cut out hearts and set them on a tone on tone cream background.    

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Favorite Winter Picture

I bought this winter wall hanging 5 years ago at the cranberry fest in Warren, Wisconsin.  Love older homes and cottages.  I could see myself living in this old home.  Nostalgia!   The other is an old tin piece a picked up somewhere.

Christmas Pillow

Made up the pillows for Christmas gifts.

Christmas Walk

My friends and I went on  a Christmas walk up in northern Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago.  This was alot of fun, played cards, went out for lunch, and shopping.  The week that I was there it snowed beautiful big snow flakes.  It was so beautiful watching thesnow come down across the lake, so peaceful, I didn't want to go home.

Childhood Christmas Memory

I love Christmas memories of my childhood past.  It was such a fun time believing in Santa, the waiting, and watching.  This will really date me, listensing to Billy the Brownie and Santa loading up the sleigh to start their trip around the world.  How exciting!  Here is an ornament that was made in 1st grade that would hang at the top of the tree every year at mom and dad's,  now it hangs on my tree every year.

Christmas Quilt

A Christmas quilt  half quilted  two years ago that was stashed away.  Will, I pulled it out and  decided to finish quilting it this week.  What a difference in my quilting in two years.  This quilt I will keep to remind me how far I have come with my quilting.