Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Quilt Finished

"Mama's Christmas Cookies"

                                                              In Memory 1916 - 2010

                           Wool and cotton batting... so fine # 402 white and so fine # 417 pink
Back of Quilt

Kept the quilting designs simple to compliment the blocks and the quilt.   Feathers ...straight lines... pebbles ....cross hatching!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Books the Grandkids Love

These books are put out every year for the grandkids to read when the stop  over for a visit or to stay over night.   It is kind of a tradition with them.   They  have written their name in their favorite book and one day they will give them to their children.   

   Sydney's favorite.....she reads Christmas Coolies to Cammy.

Hannah's favorite

Cammy's favorite....naturally she is a kitty lover.  She wants a kitty for Christmas. 

                                   My favorite...... it has all kinds of recipes and craft ideas

Monday, December 20, 2010

I Have a Pucker

I noticed this little pucker when I was putting my Christmas quilt back on the LA.... I don't know what to do If  I rip out the stitches,  there is no way I can make it smooth.   I wanted to enter this one in one of the show this coming year.....grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Decided  to name the quilt after my Mom who passed away in August,  who made tons of sugar cookies every year for Christmas which has been handed down to me   " Mama's Sugar Cookies"
My girls and granddaughter's are taking on the tradition

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Last Customer Quilt For 2010

This is a panel quilt  using wool and cotton batting,  so fine thread.   I didn't quilt the center to death so it would give a little definition  to the baby.    This is the last customer quilt for the year of 2010.   Now on to my Chritmas quilt .... will try to finish it before Christmas, if not after....  

Friday, December 17, 2010

Tea Time Girls

 Okay girls....... Raylene  Jane  Joan  Suzan Diane  Vivian   Angie  Shannon  Esther Irene  Anne  Linnea    the tea's a brewing and I'm waiting on you.

Joan this is the sugar cookie recipe that my grandmother and mother used for their Christmas cookies.    They are very easy to make .... if the dough is a little sticky I add more flour to make it a little easier to roll out.     I'm naming my Christmas quilt after these cookies  "Mama's Sugar Cookies".    As you can see I frosted them the same color to match my quilt...... nuts I am!   Enjoy!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pink Theme Continued

An old antique buy from the auction

                                                 Simple door swag

Flea market find ..... I have always wanted a winter picture and just happen to run upon this one,  it was screaming at me to take it home,  so I did.   I love it!    It is an old German Litho 

Monday Cookies

         Made sugar cookies yesterday...frosted them green & pink to match my Christmas theme .... grandkids don't care they just eat them.   Now to make fudge today.   The grandkids will come over next week for a hot game of  monopoly, eat homemade pizza ( their favorite ) cookies, and fudge.   Then I will send them home

 Pink sky just for me this morning.... couldn't resist the photo.   Colours would make for an interesting quilt.   hmmmmm!   Photo shop here I come...
This is my great grandmothers Christmas cactus that my grandmother had in her home for years.   When grandma went to heaven I took over the plant.   I have given family member and friends slips from this plant to keep it going forever.    This plant is over a 100 years old.    It is just starting to bloom for Christmas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sadies Cousins

These are Sadie's cousins ..... they are sooooooo cute and make for a wonderful pet and companion.

Buddy & Monty

The storm hit us yesterday ... snow, wind, & cold.    Today it is freezing..brrrrrr!    4 degress above .... brrrrr.   Today I will stay in where it is warm and quilt.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Tree

The tree is prettier at night

My Quilt

I've had to take my quilt off the LA several times to finish up customers quilts.  This is what I have quilted so far ..... hope I can get this quilted by next Wednesday.   The pink block,  I will change to a pink thread so the feathers will show on the back of the quilt.

Plus I had to get caught up with my Wednesday flowers ...... I have been sooooo busy lately.

Quilts that I worked on Last Week

                                           Customer quilt

                                              Christmas quilt

                                                  Christmas quilt