Tuesday, July 31, 2012

While the guys were working on the studio in the basement,  I was up in the loft putting blocks together.    This is going on a white coverlet in my bedroom.    I think I'm going to like it........     I've been so use to the soft pastel colors and cottage style that it is getting some use to the brighter colors in my home. 

My Studio

We're getting there......

My big Buba.....    He is so sweet,  nothing like making his little sister happy.

Today the wiring goes in,  the door and window are order,  soon I will get to play....


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Stash

I forgot that I had bought this last year.   Fell in love with the colors, Etching by 3 Sisters,  just  waiting for the right pattern to come along.     Will it did .....

This will be my new quilt for my bedroom.   I think it has that lodge look...lol

I went up to the loft to put fabric in the cabinet but got caught up with the moda fabric.   Went to the EQ7 came up with a pattern and started cutting for the blocks.    I guess I will finish putting the fabric in the cabinet tomorrow.    Some days are like that,  stop what I'm doing and start sewing.    GEEZ,  I guess I can say I'm back at it again. 

I got this far with putting my room together....lol   I even made myself a design board.
That caret has to go...    I love wood floors with area rugs.

Monday, July 23, 2012

My Little Angel

I received this in the mail today.    It is so darling.....    I love angels!
It is going to hang in my new studio. 

My friend Joyce appliqued this.....   Just look at those tiny flowers that she made.   No way can I do that.

                                                 A little tiny flower in the hair also....

          THANK YOU!    THANK YOU!   THANK YOU JOYCE!!      I LOVE IT!!!!

Little Cabin Completed

Anya even hung the quilt that I made her.....    What a sweetheart!    Love that pine ladder in the corner.    I want one.......
Great little sewing area.......

Cutting table,  Anya's husband made the table also.     Notice the storage above the door,  great planning for a small space.    The cabin is 16 x 20.    I don't think I would ever come out of this studio.

NOW this is my studio....... lol    will the start of it.

My Bella watching me paint the floor

Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Cabin In Montana

Can you imagine quilting in this little cabin out in the wilderness???   I don't think I would ever come out.  I love it!      Anya's husband built this for her......   

Look at that design wall,  so much room.   

The background on this business card is a quilt that Anya quilted for a customer.   Beautiful work!!
Anya is a quilter friend of mine.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Country Girls Life

What is a country girl to do when she is all by herself out in the wilderness, no one to talk too, ride a bike, play bingo,  or visiting family that live miles away, etc       Make herself busy piecing,  decide to put Garden Spice  together myself instead of sending it out.....    all the block are pieced, just have to applique the flowers on the solid block.     I want to use this  for a fall quilt because of the colors.  

AND  finish putting
 my sewing room together,  it is located in the loft area,  this way if it gets messy no one will see it...... lol
Yeah right!!    like I have company everyday around here.    In the spring the old carpet will come out and wood floors go in.......      my studio is first.    Priority!! 

Machine table is upside down cause I had to side it up the stairs to get it into this room  (cause I'm all by myself)   isn't that a song????

Beginning of My Studio

My studio in the making........   measurements were taken yesterday.    Tomorrow the lumber, wiring, etc gets ordered.      Today I move everything and clean the basement......    Can hardly wait!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Business Cards

I guess I'm getting back into the groove.......    New business cards which I made up from of my old designs.  Not to bad!

These came in the mail today.    Kimmy Brunner's ovals.   Now I just need to get my machine  up and running.     Just purchased the IQ computerized system today,   a little excited about that.   I can record my own design and the machine will quilt it out for me.   What fun!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fall Quilt

I've had fabric for this quilt for a year,  cut out the blacks with the intention that I would get it put together for this fall .........      will with moving and all it is sitting on the shelf.     (!) light bulb just went off......    I think I will ask a special friend if she would finish it for me then I will have for this fall to hang in the loft area.

This fabric has fall colors which is kind of hard to see with this camera shot, but is is really pretty.   I love florals....

New Hutch

FINALY ..... the dishes are unpacked the floor is finished and NOW is the time to get back to "QUILTING"