Sunday, December 16, 2012

Prayers And Thoughts With The Sandy Hook

Marking The Quilt Top

I'm marking the center of the quilt with lines and drawing feathers over the lines.  It is easier if I mark this before I load it on the frame,  this way my lines are straight.

Makes a nice table cloth....lololol   Joyce would kill me......lololol

                       Joyce's work is as good as Sharon Shamber down to the smallest  detail.     

I also marked all the borders so they match.     I had it marked once but didn't like it,   spritz it and started all over again.      It is ready for the frame......

A Quiet Winter Wonderland

My trip into town to get medicine for my rotten cold.    I started out without the camera and it was so beautiful I turned around to get the camera to capture these photos on the way in.
This is the little creek on our road

Eagles at play

One day I'm going to stop and see these people and ask if I can see their and take pictures of their little cottage.

My favorite little cottage

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joyce's Applique

This quilt is amazing,  she does such beautiful work.

I plan on using  Joyce's  initials  

I have practice drawing feather for the last couple of weeks to make sure they are kind of perfect.   The back is load on the frame and the top is ready to go.    I will post photos as I quilt.....

Monday, December 10, 2012

Look At What I woke Up To

6:30 am
These photos were taken with my new Nikon D5100.   I love it!!
My Christmas present to me..........
This is the view I see every morning from my sofa with a cup of tea.
Early sun rise...... 

Schools are closed, our road is closed too!    A great day for baking.....

Cranberry bread

Not too bad,  taste pretty good with the tea.    Made eight loafs of banana nut bread also.

I reallllllllly miss my big kitchen and commercial stove.   I seem to burn everything on this electric one.   After Christmas,  it (the stove)  is going to  get replaced.....     I don't have enough space for baking.    Anyway I decided to make tamales for Christmas. 

My stupid Bella thinks she is a small dog, she knows that is a no no but does it anyway.   Thank god I don't have company coming today.

Now it is time to get to quilting........     baking, shopping, and decorating  is done.

These are some of the designs that I will put on Joyce's applique quilt.
Joyce's initials   JDA.....     I quite excited about quilting this one,   what fun!

Joyce is a feather LOVER

This is the center block and the applique is amazing.     I will post bits and pieces of this quilt as I quilt it.   The borders are all marked and ready to go.........