Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Quiet Space

This is where I sit in the early morning,   have a cup of tea, listen to bird,  music,  read.   It is so peaceful and fresh this morning......   It also is a great place to sit and come  up with designs ideas for the house or quilts.    Just finished up painting the bedrooms, now need to make a dust ruffle for the bed, then will post pictures of the finished look.  

Back to working on Jane's quilt this morning,  should have it finished by Friday......    I hope!!  

Monday, June 27, 2011

Mondays WIP

Work in progress .....    nice fresh rainy morning,  a good day to finish up this quilt for Jane.    This is what I have quilted so far.    I'm using a double batt of  Hobbs black 80/20,  black so fine top and bobbin.   Will use variegated in the compasses.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Class With Master Quilter Sharon Schamber

Northern Illinois Longarm Guild brought Sharon in for a day to go over show to design your quilt.   A Master Quilter she is .....   I was in such awe of her work,  unbelievable, jaw dropping work.   She shared her new creation that she has been working on since February,   another award in the future.   I was just lost for words,   the only word that kept coming out of my mouth was  WOW!  LOOK AT THIS!   WOW!
My friend Coleen who went to the class with me would look at me and  WOW!  would come out of our mouth together.
As for the class, it  was so informative,  my brain ached by the end of the day with so much more  information from her.    She is so down to earth and fun to be around,  wished she would have been my big sister.....   (I grew up with four brothers) .    Here are some show & tell pictures....   Enjoy!!

Out side the doors of the class room they were anxiously waiting for the moment for the doors to open

                                Setting up the room......  Deb and Sharon loading the machine

                                               Still waiting....
Finally the doors open .......

                                                          Deb introducing Sharon

                                                                 The class begins...

Sharon looking up info for Terry......  No!  that's not wine,  it's water . 

She is soooooo much fun to be around,  love her sense of humor
Ohhhhhh,   my head hurt,  felt like it was going to burst with so much info.

                                                                   Show N  Tell

I showed my quilt from her online class, which she love and gave a great comment

This is just a few of  Sharon's new creation

                                     look at the detailed applique work,  it is so tiny,  amazing!!

These are just a few of the 186 pictures that I look that day.

Thank you Sharon for all the wonderful information you shared with us that day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Look What I Got Yesterday

When I arrived home yesterday form Sharon's class in Chicago I had these little packages sitting on the table from Suzan and Joyce just waiting to be opened .......    Look at what I got!
Bruynzeel pencils from Joyce to mark my quilt.   The box color matches the French Provencal table cloth that is  re-edition from and old design "made in france".    You gals are soooo good to me......
Thank you so much!!!!!

I can see that fabric quilted up into a whole cloth .....  hummmmmm!    Wouldn't that be beautiful???

Oh yes, my  Christmas tea and Blue Garden tea  which I love,  can not get that over here.   The flavor and fragrance is wonderful.    I love the smell when it is brewing,  the house smells so good. 

Pepe my Beta
he is trained,  I can pet him

notice how Pepe matches the fabric....  good job Suzan!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spending A Day With Sharon Schamber

You can not believe how excited I am for tomorrow.   I have waited three years to have a class with Sharon.   A dream come true!!!!   I remember the first time I saw this quilt in 2007,  I just had to find out who she was and more about her quilting.    So I wrote her name down to check her out on the Internet  after I got home from MQS.   After I check her out and saw a picture of her I could not believe that I spoke with her at the show in a booth with another person and they were talking quilts which I got in the conversion with them.  I couldn't believe that this lady knew so much about quilting,  it was Sharon.    I started buying her  CDs, books,  practicing feathers,  took an online class in whole cloth,  and now I finally have a class with her.  Tomorrow I will take lots of pictures, ask questions, and learn as much as I can from her.        

You know I had just bought my machine and was a beginner quilter

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Aprons

This is a little preview of what my aprons will look like.   I went with the simpler look that Anya designed for me.    It really looks good  and  I'm soooooo excited!    These are for the class that I will be teaching in the fall.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moving On To Next Project

 Next quilt project.....  My friend Joyce made a quilt "Meet Me In Paris" ,   I love that quilt pattern,  so I decided to dig the pattern  out of storage after having bought the pattern a couple of years ago.    Now I'm really inspired to make this quilt.    Tuesday I will take my granddaughter shop hopping to find the right fabric for this quilt.   I want tiny flowers just like the butter pad for the quilt.   Came up with a neat quilting design for the quilt too.      Thanks Joyce!!! 

Elderbery Lane  block and ready for binding

Webster just taking it easy ,  he is such a mama's boy

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Please Help With A Decision

My  friend  Anya is embroidering  my aprons  for me and  I can't decided  which  one to choose ......

                                                          Which one do you like????

Friday, June 17, 2011

Elderberry Lane Finished

                                          Here it is .......   Before



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ready for the LA

OH MY!!!    now how do I quilt this??? .......hummmmmm    and this needs to be finished by Friday.

Sheila's Car Quilt

These is what we have been working on this week...... 

The car quilt was quilted by my DIL for a graduation gift for this weekend.   She did a beautiful all over freehand quilting with her own design.    It turned out really great!!    I told it really pays to practice on paper so it will stick in the memory......   and she didn't think she could draw.

The other quilt I'm piecing and quilting for a customer today.     Yes we are back at quilting for others,  I'm feeling great and everything is back in order.   Thank goodness!!