Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baby Zoo Quilt With Minky

Should I define the  border or just an over all loopy with animals?????     It is loaded an ready to go.......
the quilt  is  31 x 42 

Fairy #2 Finished

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Help Help Help Quilty Friends

I was given a baby quilt to quilt for a customer .........    eeeeeegads!    The top is regular zoo fabric,  the back is minky.     Never quilted with minky.... it is so stretchy.

QUESTION  ......   HOW DO I QUILT THIS BABY??????????? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012 or

Carla Barrett   is having a free blog giveaway and that Carla is holding another Quilt Whisperer Class on January 9, 2012, a creative class on quilting design for all levels of quilters.

Carla still has opening in her class.......   I recommend it to anyone of you that want to learn step by step quilting design.   I met Carla on the MQRS  forum a few years ago before she started teaching classes.    She teaches you how to layout  quilting design for a quilt,  which was very helpful to me.    It is like having your own personal     Check her out,  go to her blog and look at her quilting, bead work ( which I can't do),  and her cartoons which I love.   I should start drawing cat cartoons with my quilts,  that would be

BTW I took her photo shop class too .... which was great!     Be sure to check her out.......

Suzan this would be a great class for you,  you wouldn't have to travel to the states.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

fairy #2

Same panel but different borders .......   12 !/2" border,   this will be another fun quilt.    I think I will clean house today befoooorrrre  I start this one.    This one is hard to see markings,  so I guess I will draw my design out on paper then mark with pins for registration points

Fairy # 1 Finished

Still a little problems with the wrist .......   or I think it is in the thumb area,  can't hold a pencil right to draw and it is the same when I move my machine.    I rely on the left hand to do more  of my movements.   I'm getting there.....  

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fairy Panel #1

                                       Feathers make for a simple border

I hate SID.........     had to rip all of it out,  thank goodness it wasn't tiny stitches.

My Trip To Uniquely Yours

A trip to Sandy's quilt shop outside of Orangeville, Illlinois is a 35 mile ride through the back roads.

This is the road that leads you up to her shop......   A dead end gravel road.     The first time I made a trip to her shop  I thought I would never find it....... 

I would say they have a beautiful layout ......   I know my puppies love it,   I let them run the fields

                                                Sandy's shop is in the lower level of their home. 
My boys and girl watching their mama........   I had so many window licks by the time I got back to the

Sandy and her helper.     BTW   she love the quilt.    We were so busy talking a forgot to take a picture of her with it.   

With a sweet look she asked if I would have time to do two more for the shows and have then back to her by the 30th.     Of coarse I said Yes!!      This is the first of the two,  a simple  fast Fairy quilt.   I will feather the borders and outline the fairies,  maybe some background fill,   depends on the time limit.   I loaded it on the frame last night so it is ready to go today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Yup! It is Finished

                          I'm on my way to Uniquely Yours Quilt Shop to deliver this quilt ......   

Monday, January 9, 2012

Decided on Fill

Back on the frame.......    I swear this head cold is making my brain

                                          small crosshatching and lines ......  it's coming to

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bird Panel Finished I Think

Okay,  here is what I have done so far........    I'm not sure if I should fill in the blue area around the birds and leaves.   If I fill in the background what would I use for a fill???????    Do I want a combination of fills or do I want straight lines to set off the pebbles,  or sun rays,   or   hummmmmmmmmm! 

                                    All the fruit, leaves and birds are outline which gives definition........ 

I just don't want to over quilt and have to pick out stitches.....

Guess I will sleep on it ........