Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday NIght Sew In

Wednesday night sew in .... a few of us gals decided that we would  get together once or twice a week to work on a project.   Last night was our first sew in.   Jane is making a mariners compass  quilt  for a nephew.  We took a class with Brenda Henning over a year ago.   Neither of us could  remember how to start so we had pull out our instructions and DVD to see  how to paper piece the compass.    It is looking prettttty good.    There will be four more small compasses added to the quilt.    I really like the black background, it looks like the compass is floating in air.

Sheila is working on a darling quilt for her granddaughter.    So cute with pinks, purples, yellow, and green.    The  print is  "Princesses"  of course!    

ME .... I helped     and made two pillows to go along with my new French cottage look once I get through painting the walls  AGAIN.    Order French chairs too!! 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Next Project Up on the LA

Will quilt this up tomorrow after I draw a circle in the center for a ball.... simple!!   will do a little thread play.    I think I will draw up a few designs tonight to see which way I want to quilt it.   Will post the drawing tomorrow.   

Shop Hopping

This is my friend Kathy's shop   Backyard Quilts and Custom Quilting, Fortakinson, Wisconsin.   I can never go visit her without going home with a kit.   The red kit are for a friend that has cancer, and I felt that he needed something to cheer him up while he is in treatment.  The Circle of Hope I bought for myself because of the blues....just couldn't resist it.  Like I need another kit to with the rest of my stash.   That kit came from Patches and Petals, Belville, Wisconsin.    I wanted to jump right into piecing theses tops but I have a few that I have to finish quilting this week.

My Ebay Purchase

Place setting for  two..... this would make a great basket quilt,  blue and white......hummmmmm

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Panto Finished

I WILL NEVER DO ANOTHER PANTO....... I swear!!!!   I'm not a panto person,  it seems like it took for ever to quilt this top.   This was the last customer quilt to  finish up,  now I can get back to my quilts and get caught up. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Picken & Grinnin


This Weeks Project

This is a quilt top that was sitting in a closet for several years pieced by mother and daughter.   The mother since has passed on and the daughter asked if I would finish it.   I had to try and square it and added yellow  borders to blend with the older fabric.     It is still a little wave but workable.....   The quilt was pieced with white thread which shows.... I'm wondering if you can use a black fabric pen to get rid of the white .... hummmmm!    Maybe I will suggest this to her....  Using a panto by  Sue Smith  " Dahlia Romance " which compliments the fabric in the quilt.   King Tut variegated pink & yellow thread top & bottom.

So far everthing is quiet on the home front .....  back to the norm.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trying to Catch Up

My babies just can't understand why they have to stay in the kitchen all day.  Buddy looks sooooo sad.    I have been sitting at the hospital since early  Saturday morning.   Hubby had emergency surgery to remove lodged  gall stones and will have another surgery this week to remove the gall bladder.    He is a diabetic, sugar level has been high along with infection. 

This was my chance to get caught up with my flowers...... I need eight more to make my quilt.   I will applique the flowers to a solid background then load it on the fame for quilting.