Friday, May 31, 2013

Storm In Northern Wisconsin

I have never seen a storm like this.....    It started to come in with black clouds covering the sky,  then these clouds rolled in,  everything was at a dead still    EARRRRRY!
Then it sounded like a continuous thunder,   more like a freight train at a crossing.   Then a down pour.      Weird!  
I called my daughter in Illinois so she could hear the sounds,  she couldn't beleive it.  

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Time For Up Date

I came back from Mexico with a respiratory infection which I've  had for over four weeks so I didn't get much quilting done until this week.    Just finished up another panel for Uniquely Yours which will be on display at the Minnesota Quilt Show starting June 11th.

I received a letter from the Minnesota Quilt Show excepting my two quilts that were entered in the judged show.   How exciting........     I was talked into this so we will see what happens.

"Something Beautiful"   art quilt
"Mama's Christmas Cookies"  wall hanging
Sandys fall quilt panel