Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cross Stitch FINISHED

Finally finished this baby.     Now on to my quilts.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Small Project Finished

This is a better photo with the new camera ......     The lighting isn't that great in my studio for photos,  so I have to turn the light off in order for the quilting to show
Back -  need to fill in with line is the motif 

Worked on finishing up a few projects that were laying around......   This is the Christmas stocking  I designed to go with the Christmas quilt that I'm still piecing.     In fact these socks will go with any quilt.    Fun and easy to make.    Used wool batting and muslin for quilting.

Dupioni silk

Added a few crystals for a little bling
If you would like the pattern just email me and  I will it to you.
The lining is muslin.....   which you could use anything.    I'm going to do a floral arrangement with these.    My DIL  begging me for a pair.    I making extras up to sell. 

Wait until you see this one finished.......    I bought the kit at the Quilt Expo
Have to apply a few  little applique,  ribbon,  and  crystals.   This usually is not my thing to do for quilting  but when I saw this,  I just had to make one to hang in the house.    Stay tuned ........ 

My loft sewing room
Last night I was going to  finish the walls and get the shelf hung  but  just had to stop to work on those few UFO projects.    An old dresser or buffet that I found at a garage sale down home.    Didn't know how I was going it,  then a light when off,   this would make a great cutting table plus storage. 
Will paint this a gloss white

Antique drawing table with light box ....   Painted a gloss white
The chair goes to the upholster in a couple of weeks,  that also will be painted white.

Now I need to get busy and finish putting this room together.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Half-Way There Cross Stitch

These photos are a little dark and fuzzy.   My little camera is not focusing right,   will retake tomorrow

This is what I have quilted so far.......

Man this quilt top is big,  seems like it is taking forever to quilt,

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Heirloom Cross Stitch

Finally got started on this quilt top

did a little marking for straight lines

Had to add feathers


and McTavishing
Speaking of McTavishing,   Karen bought a home close to me.     Yeahhhhhhh!
Now I can see her more then once a year.......

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting Ready For Quilt Expo

Another Quick kit for " Uniquely Yours Quilt Shop "
Orangeville, Illinois

Got this lovely phone call from Sandy wanted to know if I could..........
do something with this.

Okay send it to me

Did a Little thread painting and added crystals

I like the way the sun light hit the crystals for a little sparkle
Now to deliver......     Will leave Wednesday morning for set up in Madison, Wisconsin
Plan on catching up with IoWay and Missoura for a day of fun