Thursday, June 28, 2012

Floor Prep

Will I'm getting there.....Floor prep and install almost finished ....

                                                   Just trim work left

Look what was delivered today.     This was a steal for me.    It was on  clearence because there was something wrong with the electrical ......    Guess what!     I fixed it,   yup!   I fixed it......       Was $2300 and I paid $749.      Glass shelves and all.    Will post a picture when I get the dishes in it.

Did have time to work another project in between
the remodeling .     I'm calling this Butter Cup....

I bet you wonder what I'm doing.......   Will show you later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crying Over You

You know the song by Roy Obenson ......  "Crying Over You"   willlllllll that is what I have been doing for the past week.

It finally worked.......    It was assembled today and I'm sooooo HAPPY!
I have quilting on my mind day and night.     This will be  my quilt studio,  the plans on on the drawing board as of today,  but I plan on firing this baby up this weekend.

This quilt was appliqued by a special friend Joyce who called me and wanted to know if I would quilt this.....
It was a bit scary at first but the more I look at it the more, the  I see a beautiful quilting design.    I have been playing with few designs on paper until I come up with the one I think would best suit this quilt.   I haven't told her yet but I would like to enter this in a show.   (she'll find out when she read this blog).....

At least I feel like I'm getting back into the quilting mode......    it has been so long since I felt like it.


My  little garden

I was bored .....   decided to paint the mail box which you can see two miles either way.
What else is a girl to do when she live out in the country and can get to her quilting.   I think the deer will love it..........

This was such a beautiful double rainbow

This is the back of our property

From my flower garden

The floral canvas hanging on the wall was purchased at the good will  for $25  

A nice surprise

Until next time......   Enjoy!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

We Live In a National Forest

She comes every morning to feed the baby......

We also have a mama bear and two cubs that visit at night.    Now that is a little scary......

The road I take to town 25 miles away......    a beautiful and peaceful drive.

The road to the house, a mile off the county road.

looking at our property from the road

my Bella .... she likes to chase the bears

I love this tree.....    I cleaned out some limbs to open it up for sun light for the flowers.    This is what you see first when you pull into the drive.

The deers have been nibbling at the yellow flowers.    There are so many butterflies around here and they are so beautiful. 

Before & After Kitchen

Whipped Cream (white) and a soft greygreen......

Here I go with my white
The kitchen was small and dark,  needed a little brightness to make it look bigger and more open.  
"White By Dzine"

My puppies are so content.....

The wood floors will get laid next week.   Carpets gotta go!!

Our First Week

This was a gift from the previous owners.......    wine was made from the apple orchard.    What a nice surprise.

took out closet doors for the laundry area

this is what is in the back yard every evening and morning

first room that I put together.....  great  for reading, music, and just R &R...
Lots of fresh air that sweeps through the house,   love it!!  

Before the paint

view from the four season room.......

Beautiful rainbow over the forest