Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Monday Cookies

         Made sugar cookies yesterday...frosted them green & pink to match my Christmas theme .... grandkids don't care they just eat them.   Now to make fudge today.   The grandkids will come over next week for a hot game of  monopoly, eat homemade pizza ( their favorite ) cookies, and fudge.   Then I will send them home

 Pink sky just for me this morning.... couldn't resist the photo.   Colours would make for an interesting quilt.   hmmmmm!   Photo shop here I come...
This is my great grandmothers Christmas cactus that my grandmother had in her home for years.   When grandma went to heaven I took over the plant.   I have given family member and friends slips from this plant to keep it going forever.    This plant is over a 100 years old.    It is just starting to bloom for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful legacy for you and your loved ones. I noticed in one of you photos that you have a saddle seat for your longarm. I've been trying to decide whether to get one or not. Do you use yours a lot and do you like it? Also, any tips for a beginner longarm quilter?


Diane said...

the cactus is beautiful, I think my mother-in-law has one
The pink sky pictures are fabulous too

ELISEO said...

With those cookies the winter is not so cold :) Greetengs!!