Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Weeks Project

This is a quilt top that was sitting in a closet for several years pieced by mother and daughter.   The mother since has passed on and the daughter asked if I would finish it.   I had to try and square it and added yellow  borders to blend with the older fabric.     It is still a little wave but workable.....   The quilt was pieced with white thread which shows.... I'm wondering if you can use a black fabric pen to get rid of the white .... hummmmm!    Maybe I will suggest this to her....  Using a panto by  Sue Smith  " Dahlia Romance " which compliments the fabric in the quilt.   King Tut variegated pink & yellow thread top & bottom.

So far everthing is quiet on the home front .....  back to the norm.


Suzan said...

Like the fabric,looks like the 50's,
Once the quilt is washed, I am almost sure that the thread will shirnk and no longer be seen. That is one of the nice things about coton thread!!!

Raylene Smith said...

bout time you got back to work...lol..missed ya...definitely use a black marker pen....but make sure it is permanent or a fabric marker...I do it all the time..hides lots of little things...nice to see your pretty face too....