Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sleigh Panel and New Puppy

Pieced and quilted this yesterday........    I panel that I cut apart framed, added a strip to the top and bottom then simple quilting.     Nice little practice piece to get back into the motion of quilting.

Monte has tears in his eyes,  he got a shot for ear infection.     He is such a sweet layed back little boy,  and he is a mama's boy too!

Bella is the new labradoodle who will be 4 months old January 1.    What a love bug teddy bear......   She is the most loving and funny pet we have ever had.

Buddy's another story........   A sweet little guy with ADD,  smart,  good watch dog,  and loves his big sister.   Bella drags him around like he is a stuffed

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Suzan said...

nice to see all the guys!!!Have a good time quilting tonight!!!LOL