Monday, December 10, 2012

Look At What I woke Up To

6:30 am
These photos were taken with my new Nikon D5100.   I love it!!
My Christmas present to me..........
This is the view I see every morning from my sofa with a cup of tea.
Early sun rise...... 

Schools are closed, our road is closed too!    A great day for baking.....

Cranberry bread

Not too bad,  taste pretty good with the tea.    Made eight loafs of banana nut bread also.

I reallllllllly miss my big kitchen and commercial stove.   I seem to burn everything on this electric one.   After Christmas,  it (the stove)  is going to  get replaced.....     I don't have enough space for baking.    Anyway I decided to make tamales for Christmas. 

My stupid Bella thinks she is a small dog, she knows that is a no no but does it anyway.   Thank god I don't have company coming today.

Now it is time to get to quilting........     baking, shopping, and decorating  is done.

These are some of the designs that I will put on Joyce's applique quilt.
Joyce's initials   JDA.....     I quite excited about quilting this one,   what fun!

Joyce is a feather LOVER

This is the center block and the applique is amazing.     I will post bits and pieces of this quilt as I quilt it.   The borders are all marked and ready to go.........

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Cathy H said...

Beautiful photos of the sunrise.....what a great view......looking forward to seeing the quilting on the beautiful applique quilt top......and Bella looks so cute on top of the couch.....