Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Trip To Uniquely Yours

A trip to Sandy's quilt shop outside of Orangeville, Illlinois is a 35 mile ride through the back roads.

This is the road that leads you up to her shop......   A dead end gravel road.     The first time I made a trip to her shop  I thought I would never find it....... 

I would say they have a beautiful layout ......   I know my puppies love it,   I let them run the fields

                                                Sandy's shop is in the lower level of their home. 
My boys and girl watching their mama........   I had so many window licks by the time I got back to the

Sandy and her helper.     BTW   she love the quilt.    We were so busy talking a forgot to take a picture of her with it.   

With a sweet look she asked if I would have time to do two more for the shows and have then back to her by the 30th.     Of coarse I said Yes!!      This is the first of the two,  a simple  fast Fairy quilt.   I will feather the borders and outline the fairies,  maybe some background fill,   depends on the time limit.   I loaded it on the frame last night so it is ready to go today.

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