Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Desert for My Friends

Where are you Ray my Aussie buddy ????  Angie???  Vivian????    Hey gals  I'm sitting here waiting on you,  I made this desert specially for my friends, come on over.   I got out my best pink hobnail depression glass, china, wine glass, and napkin/water glass dolie which were all from auctions.  I have place settings of each which I use when we have get togethers, for family, friends that drop over for a visit or to quilt.  Enjoy!
(flowers are from the garden)

Recipe is below!


vivian said...

Be right over!! Love the pink depression glass-reminds me of my Mom. She collects that so I guess one day I will too!!

Raylene Smith said...

mmmm, I haven't got those plates...would look good with the other bits and pieces of depression glass I have...yummo, that pie sure looks yummy....might need one of those pretty clothes to wipe away the't you go hogging it all to yaself, have to share, ya