Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gettng Ready For Christmas

This is the first year that I have started getting ready for Christmas before Thanksgiving.   My daughter invited me over for turkey this year ...... I don't have to cook.   Usually all the kids are home but this year no cooking.   I will of course make some pies.. have to have the smell in the kitchen.   I decided that I would start getting ready for the big day.    My theme this year will be Winter White with a touch of soft pink.  I would love to paint all the furniture white too but that is to much work,  so I will just keep things simple.

Here are some photos of what I was doing today .... once I get the house finished with all the trimmings I will  show you.    The fabric will be my Winter quilt that I will piece next weekend then quilt it the following week.

I love these pink ornaments,  they came from Michael's.

Recycled flowers .... just adding a pink ribbon and sparkly green from Michaels ($.39) These will go on the Christmas tree with the soft pink ornaments.
The bird feeder came from Home Goods.   Cute!   A must


Raylene Smith said...

I can see we'd be dangerous together in the all the bits and pieces Reb...specially love the pink baubles and the bird house.....I too would love to paint the furniture white...mmmm...don't think there's enough hours in the

Suzan said...

Just my colors, but the bird house would look nice in my collection. Haven't been out looking at decorations yet, they are late here for getting christmas things out, but of course the toys have been in the store for weeks. No Christmas material either, really disapointed, should have ordered some earlier, but that's life.
Have fun, can't wait to see the finished projects.