Thursday, November 4, 2010

One Flower Wednesday

I started to paper piece after I saw Joan's blog ( ) where she does one flower every Wednesday.  I love her blog.    Decided this was a good project to work on when I was laid up with my foot ..... I think my flowers are a little to big,  but that is okay,  I will have a large flower    This was left over fabric in my stash,  what a way to use it up.  I will applique the flowers on a solid white background.   This will look great in the guest room on my old iron bed.  PERFECT!   Thanks Joan!
(I think I'm hooked )


Joan said...

Its looks great Rebecca - and I love those flowers... And you are very welcome :)
Have a look at Linda Franz's Inklingo paper to sew on - just print the shapes and sew together acurately - thats how I am doing mine :) Its easy.

Anonymous said...

I looked at most of your blog today after you gave me your card. You are a wonderful quilter and have made some very beautiful quilts. You have a great sense of design, and it shows in your quilts, the way you write and your decor for your house.
Emily at Attic Quilts.

Raylene Smith said...

I'm, a warning ya...these are addictive...once ya start, ya can't little pile doesn't get attended to very often these days...I'm still wanting to try the inklingo method, it's also waiting....once these customer quilts are outta the

Diane said...

I love your flowers. I just started basting some together to try out this technique, I think it will be nice to do while watching TV but I like the idea of one a week-nice goal not too much pressure-thanks for sharing the idea.

Angie said...

Yours look great, the fabrics are scrumptious! I like the idea of completing one flower every Wednesday. I'm working on my Pies and Tarts english paper piecing, and I think this would motivate me more if I knew I needed to post a picture of a completed one every week. Thank you for this idea.

Suzan said...

Great Idea, will get mine out,they have been in a box for some years!!! Or I can keep them for the boat, always looking for something to do on the boat.