Monday, January 31, 2011

Back To Quilting Again

Worked on the Tulip quilt this week.... SID around all the squares and rectangles.   Piano Keys in the border with a little cross hatching and feathers.   I'm not happy with the border.... the border is wide and should have divided in half and added something interesting. 

Thank you all who have sent emails ..... I'm feeling much better now and at least back to quilting.   I have a few more test to complete.    I can hardly wait for spring so tired of all this snow.


Joan said...

Thank goodness you are feeling better now, and so good to see you back quilting - It looks great!!

Joan said...

THank goodness you are feeling better now. Its so good to see you back quilting - and that is lloking great too.

Suzan said...

I like, nice cross hatching, have to try when my new ex. table comes in. My hartley one is so uneven that it makes the rulers go under the hopping foot,so I am waiting patiently for the new one to come