Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tulip Blocks Quilted

I'll be glad when this quilt is finished,  it seems like it has been on the fame forever...

Here are the blocks that I quilted today.    

My drawing

It is kind if hard to see the background fill....  pebbles, straight lines, small leaves,  stitch along the thin black lines to give the block definition. 
If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

Our snow storm .....  makes for a great quilting day!


Diane said...

LOVE your quilting!!!
the snow is pretty---but I love the QUILTING!!!

Raylene Smith said...

bout time ya got this hanging around me tooo good, it sure looks cold there...actually wouldn't mind swapping at the moment, damn hot and very humid here...grrr

Joan said...

I too love your quilting. and all that snow - golly gosh - I could do with some of that here. Its SO hot. Your blocks in the quilt are georgeous. I love the designs you have quilted on the quilt.

Suzan said...

As always, beautiful job, but I love the snow, you got alot.
Oh, Have a question, how did you quilt your 10 minute blocks? I saw that you had done one, but no pictures of it completed. I will post mine tomorrow, if I can get the border on tonight.