Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilt Blocking for Show

Decided to enter "Mom's Christmas Cookies"  in a show May 14 -15th  just to see how will it judges.   The show is in Memory of  Mom, so I thought this was the time to enter the quilt.   This will give me some feedback and then I can make improvements with my quilting.   It will be enter in a show this coming  September  also.
I put the quilt though a rinse cycle to remove some of the blue markings.   Used two  insulation boards  covered with a sheet, measured, and pin every two inches.  Now for the drying time (all day)....  then I will square it up and put the binding on.


Suzan said...

So glad that you will put it in a show, how did you do with the "pleat" you can put the recipe on the back, think that would be great.
Love gramma's apron quilt also, maybe I will send you an apron!!!

Joan said...

Your quilt looks beautiful Rebecca, its interesting to see how you block it. Do love your qilting.

Diane said...

nice to see how you block your quilts--I haven't done that to mine-space would be an issue for me.
I always like to enter a quilt after I 'judge it' myself to see if I'm on the same page with the judges.
Most of the time I agree with their critique and the positive remarks as well. It's definately a confidence booster/motivator.

Suzan said...

Ok, where have you been hiding, can't take that long to block a quilt!!!!