Monday, May 16, 2011

First Time Ribbon

As you remember last December I showed you a Christmas quilt I was working on to go with my Christmas decorations that I named "Mama's Christmas Cookies".    Will I decided to enter it into a quilt show to have it judge then I would know what I needed to do to make improvements in my quilting.   I couldn't pick it up on Saturday as I was on my way back from MQS in Kansas,  so one of the girls from the guild kept it until I could pick it up this morning.   When she handed it to me she stated that I won a ribbon and asked if anyone called or informed me.....   Noooooo!     WOW!  what a surprise,  I didn't expect this one.    I won third place in the wall hanging.    All the remarks were great,  just one little minor thing...... I need to improve on my piecing.    I had cut a few of my points   Now I know what to watch.

                        Reportcard...... feedback

Next will be my daughters wedding quilt and a whole cloth I'm working on.    GEEEE   I FEEL GREAT!!!      


Raylene Smith said... rock girlie...congratulations on your ribbon...I knew you could do it...look out quilting world...Rebecca is

Joan said...

Congratulations Rebecca, how lovely to get that. I love the colours. How are you going about making your wholecloth...are you designing it yourself?

Diane said...

I'm not surprised your quilt got a ribbon! Congratulations!

Suzan said...

Bravo, you got it!!!!