Thursday, May 19, 2011

Working On WC Design

This is one section of whole cloth that I designed and will quilt next week after I get it marked on the fabric.   This will be a trail ......  before I start my favorite design.    Today I will have the design blown up 200 % or more .....    will post it later so you can see what I'm doing.

I had the small design enlarged  to 24" and 18"..... I'm going to use the 18" size which will make the quilt  36" then I can add borders.    I marked just the main leaf lines with a sharpie so I can see it through the fabric.    I will use white  Kona cotton for my fabric choice.    Once I have the main lines drawn on the fabric then I will draw the leaf feathers.    I can see a difference in my leaf feathers from a year ago, that is why I will redraw them.......  I haven't decided on background fill yet,  will decide once it is on the machine and quilted.      I think I will use this for a table cloth for my granddaughters wedding shower  along with the beautiful crochet table cloth  that Joyce gave me.
This would make for a beautiful combination.....   right Joyce!!


Angie said...

It's going to be wonderful! I can tell---There is just a glimpse of the center motif! Wow! Love it! What fabric are you going to quilt it on? I love whole cloth quilts, but have a difficult time deciding where to start a motif, and where to end one, and where to go from one section to another. So, I've only did a few. Yours will be gorgeous!

Joan said...

That design looks terrific. How big will the quilt be and how do you get the design enlarged 200% What are you marking the design on the cloth with? Too many questions :)

Raylene Smith said...

Wow...I think this will be stunning...clever girl..