Monday, June 6, 2011

Back to the WC

Started to cut the lawn this morning but it got to hot....  Decided I would play with the whole cloth for awhile,  need to finish it up this week.    Made a few boo boo but you would have to look really close to find them,   but who cares .....  that is why I call my quilts my
Just spritzed with water to remove the blue marker,   waiting for it to dry then will finish up with the border and background fill. 

                                I'm stuck as to what I should quilt in the center ...... any ideas??????    The hearts will have cross hatching but I forgot about the center ...... hummmmm    Ideas please??????


Joan said...

Looking lovely Rebecca

Suzan said...

It is probably done by now, but what about little ittsy bittsy hearts instead of pebbles?
Loved the smilebox, what dreams I can dream now!!!!!

Me aka Supermom said...

I'd pick a filler for the center that hasn't been used, to set it off somewhat. Maybe a McTav or how about rays from the center point? Pebbles are great, but much overused IMHO.