Friday, June 24, 2011

Look What I Got Yesterday

When I arrived home yesterday form Sharon's class in Chicago I had these little packages sitting on the table from Suzan and Joyce just waiting to be opened .......    Look at what I got!
Bruynzeel pencils from Joyce to mark my quilt.   The box color matches the French Provencal table cloth that is  re-edition from and old design "made in france".    You gals are soooo good to me......
Thank you so much!!!!!

I can see that fabric quilted up into a whole cloth .....  hummmmmm!    Wouldn't that be beautiful???

Oh yes, my  Christmas tea and Blue Garden tea  which I love,  can not get that over here.   The flavor and fragrance is wonderful.    I love the smell when it is brewing,  the house smells so good. 

Pepe my Beta
he is trained,  I can pet him

notice how Pepe matches the fabric....  good job Suzan!


Joan said...

Again - lucky you... What is your pet?? That you have trained to do ...wot ?? :)Lovely fabric and the pencils are intriguing...what are they please :)

Suzan said...

So glad it came in, I was getting worried!!!!enjoy!!!!