Thursday, March 29, 2012

Irish Chain

This is my get then on feathers........   I pieced this top five years ago,   it has been on and off the frame  for a month because of all this viewing and showing of  the house.    Decided I need to hurry up and get it off the frame so I can take the frame apart for moving.    Finished this bugger up last night.

This is all freehand except the border which I used a stencil .....    Once we get moved and settled I will put it back on the frame with the back up and add background fill.



Cathy H said...

Your quilting is beautiful on the Irish chain........good luck with moving.....

Suzan said...

Beautiful as always,
House sold,
need help I am in VT in June!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on the Irish quilt Aunt Bec! Good to see house sold. Let us know if you need help moving!