Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Piecing Time For Me

This is what I worked on this weekend  in between cleaning out my parents house and putting STUFF in storage.    Will close on their house tomorrow,   one house out of the way.........    yeyyyyyyyyy!

Simple quilt design.......   You know me,   I love SIMPLE!

Enlarged the fabric print for the appliques,  now to decide if I want to do raw edge or turn.........   hummmmmmmm

This quilt is going to be so cute,   Big boy thou!!

Dinosaur fabric,  love the green one,  it looks like dinosaur skin.

Blocks   5 x 5

Fabric starched and ready to go.    The light green is for the weird looking bird.

                                                 Solid background is for the dinosaurs............

I enlarged the fabric print for the dinosaurs,   cut them out and now I'm ready to start the applique work.


Suzan said...

OK, it must be done, two weeks have gone by and no news!!!
We all miss you, so come back fast!!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the green fabric that looks like dinosaur skin. I have been looking all over for fabric like that. I want to make my son a dinosaur foot print rug for his room. :)