Saturday, June 9, 2012

We Live In a National Forest

She comes every morning to feed the baby......

We also have a mama bear and two cubs that visit at night.    Now that is a little scary......

The road I take to town 25 miles away......    a beautiful and peaceful drive.

The road to the house, a mile off the county road.

looking at our property from the road

my Bella .... she likes to chase the bears

I love this tree.....    I cleaned out some limbs to open it up for sun light for the flowers.    This is what you see first when you pull into the drive.

The deers have been nibbling at the yellow flowers.    There are so many butterflies around here and they are so beautiful. 


vivian said...

So peaceful.

Diane said...

oh it's fabulous!

Joan said...

What a beautiful place you live in - but the bears are a bit scary to hear about. Lovely pictures.