Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Crying Over You

You know the song by Roy Obenson ......  "Crying Over You"   willlllllll that is what I have been doing for the past week.

It finally worked.......    It was assembled today and I'm sooooo HAPPY!
I have quilting on my mind day and night.     This will be  my quilt studio,  the plans on on the drawing board as of today,  but I plan on firing this baby up this weekend.

This quilt was appliqued by a special friend Joyce who called me and wanted to know if I would quilt this.....
It was a bit scary at first but the more I look at it the more, the  I see a beautiful quilting design.    I have been playing with few designs on paper until I come up with the one I think would best suit this quilt.   I haven't told her yet but I would like to enter this in a show.   (she'll find out when she read this blog).....

At least I feel like I'm getting back into the quilting mode......    it has been so long since I felt like it.


My  little garden

I was bored .....   decided to paint the mail box which you can see two miles either way.
What else is a girl to do when she live out in the country and can get to her quilting.   I think the deer will love it..........

This was such a beautiful double rainbow

This is the back of our property

From my flower garden

The floral canvas hanging on the wall was purchased at the good will  for $25  

A nice surprise

Until next time......   Enjoy!

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