Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Stash

I forgot that I had bought this last year.   Fell in love with the colors, Etching by 3 Sisters,  just  waiting for the right pattern to come along.     Will it did .....

This will be my new quilt for my bedroom.   I think it has that lodge look...lol

I went up to the loft to put fabric in the cabinet but got caught up with the moda fabric.   Went to the EQ7 came up with a pattern and started cutting for the blocks.    I guess I will finish putting the fabric in the cabinet tomorrow.    Some days are like that,  stop what I'm doing and start sewing.    GEEZ,  I guess I can say I'm back at it again. 

I got this far with putting my room together....lol   I even made myself a design board.
That caret has to go...    I love wood floors with area rugs.

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Angie said...

I love your loft space, and the colors of that fabric are scrumptious!