Sunday, July 15, 2012

Country Girls Life

What is a country girl to do when she is all by herself out in the wilderness, no one to talk too, ride a bike, play bingo,  or visiting family that live miles away, etc       Make herself busy piecing,  decide to put Garden Spice  together myself instead of sending it out.....    all the block are pieced, just have to applique the flowers on the solid block.     I want to use this  for a fall quilt because of the colors.  

AND  finish putting
 my sewing room together,  it is located in the loft area,  this way if it gets messy no one will see it...... lol
Yeah right!!    like I have company everyday around here.    In the spring the old carpet will come out and wood floors go in.......      my studio is first.    Priority!! 

Machine table is upside down cause I had to side it up the stairs to get it into this room  (cause I'm all by myself)   isn't that a song????

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Suzan said...

Its looking good!!!