Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Catch Up Time Company Gone

Thank you Anya.....   what a nice surprise!

A bear hooks for my aprons in the studio.....    A bracelet made from stones in Montana,    "Beautiful"!  I love it!    White linen my favorite and hand made soap.

This is hanging in my bedroom

Another present,  this one is  from Suzan.....     She knows I love tea.    The canisters match with my stove.   Love it!!    I'm so blessed with such good friends.

Little bear hook on my unfinished wall in the studio....    that is on my new year list to get painted.
A  quilt panel for a show in Texas for  Uniquely Yours Quilt Shop.   This was the first of three that need to be quilted by January 21.......

These make great practice pieces to get back into the groove of quilting...
Sandy makes these quilts up into kits for the shows.

                                              Will start quilting on this one tomorrow.......

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Suzan and Muriel said...

OK girl, get that quilting done so that we can talk!!!!!!