Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Trip To Dorchester Iowa

Took a trip to Dorcheter, Iowa and look what I found for my patio.   Just 3 coats of paint and it looks new again.   Will make new seat covers in a sea green stripe.   Couldn't resist the table cloth too!!  It would make into a beautiful whole cloth,   I just can not resist a margin!!!!!    This place makes me miss my business that I sold a few years back ....but then reality sets in, then I realize that I have more quilting time, why would I want the stress of working again when I have all this freedom.


Raylene Smith said...

ooo..I can see that beautiful cloth quilted to death into a wholecloth...yummm

Melody Hageman said...

I love your blog -- you are very talented. I grew up near Dorchester, and enjoyed the photos. I especially like the picture of the small little house with all the windows. Do you know what a building like that is called and how one could find information about obtaining or making a building like that. I've been wanting to put together a little playhouse for my 4 and 5 year old and I think that would be perfect!!