Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sample of Aussie Friend Quilts

Here is a little treat for you ..... My Aussie friend Raylene Smith is the most beautiful quilter...she'll be teaching at the Australian Machine Quilting  festival in October   Check out her slide show.  She started quilting 2006 unbeliveable quilting .   Hoping she will teach over here next year,  I'll have a front row seat or volunteer to be her assistant.   She has a sense of humor but I think a little shy....Willllll, that's going to  change when she meets us here in the states.   (these are just samples of Ray's work - selftaught too!)


Raylene Smith said...

Yo Rebecca..I think ya better be my manager..LOL...I need someone like you to give me a push in the right direction..or maybe a kick in the are too kind...Ray

Anne said...

I agree - kick in the butt, it had better be!
Anne OC who should be ppp instead of reading blogs