Wednesday, September 22, 2010

APQS Mini Quilt Swap "Falling Leaves"

My mini quilt swap mate is " Lyn Crump" from Australia,   received her mini quilt yesterday and she loved it.   This was part of an exchange through APQS forum.    We email our preferences to a co-ordinator Shannon.....then Shannon  gave us the details as whom we were to make the quilt for.    Named the quilt "Falling Leaves" as the fabric has  fall tones of deep purple and green.   The quilt  is  26" square  used  QD wool batting.... thread was so fine top and bottom line bobbin.   I designed the mini so it would look like a whole cloth  on the backside.   This was a little bit of a challenge but lots of fun.   My feathers  are not as plumb as they should be,  I was a little up tight not as relaxed when quilting,  as I was caring for my motherwhile working on this mini.   
The quilt was wet in these photos,  makes the quilting shows up a little better.
Made a quilted card added a thread cutter for Lyn for  small gift.   Had a mini class at the quilt expo on making quilted cards.   Nice way to use up scraps.


shannon said...

very pretty! i like it.

Borderline Quilter said...

Wonderful quilt Rebecca!

Anonymous said...

Mini is great as all of your quilting is. K

Joan said...

What a fantastic quilt. and the card too. Loved you design on the quilt!