Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Found Something Tiny

Look what I found this morning.   I was sitting at the computer when I could hear this horrible screaming,  first I thought it was a bird, the I decided  to investigate.  The sound was coming from my neighbors back acre .... when I got closer I new it was a kitten yelling ... I started calling and out from the top of the wood brush was this tiny kitten ..... I kept calling to it,  finally the kitten  made it to the ground and came over to the fence .   I had to climb over the fence with no shoes to rescue the baby.   The kitten was scared to death but came to me anyway.   So guess what..... yep!   I had to bring it in the house made up some baby cereal and milk,  he ate like he was starving.    It's a he....I checked, no it's she...    Now to fatten her up and find a good loving home,  someone who loves cats like I do.    Of coarse Webster had to sit and check her out.    This how I acquired  Webster.    He(Webster)  made the best shop pet when I had my business.    This little girl will be the same way.   Will take her for shots when she is a little older,  I think she is about 5 weeks.   Likes to suck on my finger, what a baby.   Need to run and get her some mama's milk and kitty food to fatten her up.   ENJOY! 

The mama is a wild cat that roams the neighborhood.   Feel so bad for her,  can't catch her, she is too wild.  She is from a litter a couple of years ago and has survived so far.   Something has killed the other litters she's had.   I'm surprised this little one made it.   Well she is safe now.   No wonder the dogs have been barking at the fence at night.   I thought it was a raccoon.


Angie said...

Aaah--Isn't the just the sweetest little kitten. I wonder how he got lost from his Momma? It sounds like you might have a new addition to the family.

Raylene Smith said...

sucked in...I admit, for a cat, he is cute...ginger cats are my favorite...if I had a favorite for a cat, that is...dogs is much more betterer...lol