Friday, September 17, 2010

Practice Quilt

Today I practice cross hatching in the I have to decide what else to add to the cross hatching..... so tonight I will sit and doodle until I come up with something that I really like.   What do you think  would look good??????   Comments are always welcome!

I also cleaned out the cabinet to store my threads...... at least I can see what I have now.  Before they were store in a plastic bin,  so unhandy.


Anonymous said...

Are you using a tool to do the cross hatching? I could never do that.K

Joann said...

Bead board or piano keys would look really nice with your curved crosshatching.

Angie said...

Very pretty curved crosshatching. What brands of threads do you have on your new shelving? I see some Superior, but also some others. Nice selection. I keep my thread in a tall roll around cart or it gets dusty. I wish I could keep it out like you have yours. I need to investigate a better storage system for my bobbin winder and thread.
Your quilting is beautiful! and I love what you did with the border.