Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Vintage

                                                                1983 Mustang

The Mustang belonged to Jason's parents.......    his mother was killed  6 months ago and  it has been 2 months since his father passed away from cancer.    The kids brought the car to mom cause mom is a sucker for vintage cars ........   YES!   mom bought the car.     Jason wanted to keep the car in the family and knew it would get taken care of.     I LOVE IT!!!!    Have to come up with a cool license plate name for it.....
Yelo Bird ...... hummmmmmm     MeloYelo ..........  hummmmmm
Isn't she beautiful?????     The car too!!   (my youngest)
                       Hey girls wana play  Thelma & Louise?????

                                             I acquired the hat also......    kind of cool!!

My remolding job...............   my sweet lovable brother came over to help me lay the floor on my back porch.   We tore out the old commercial carpet and replaced it with a laminate which is much easier to keep clean.   I hate carpet!!     now for the base board which I can do myself and the porch will be finished. 

Now for new cushions slip covers with matching pillows

This is looking into my computer room from the porch.   I love opening all the windows and letting fresh air breeze through out the rooms

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