Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cottage Rose

Another project that I want to complete this year.......    was going through my mother's things that I need to pass on to family members.     Came upon her collection of miniatures that will go to my oldest daughter.    Mom never had a dollhouse she just collected tiny miniatures.    I bought this doll house at a flea market a couple of years ago for my youngest granddaughter who plays with this every time she comes to stay over.    I decided to model this after my cottage home for an heirloom for Cammy,   this way when I'm in heaven she will always have gram ma's house to play in and hand it down to her daughter's.

I  painted it yesterday and just waiting for the wiring.   Once that is installed then up with the wall covering.    Will post as I go along with this project....      Will apply the rest of the shingles today,  then  debate as to what color stain to apply.

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Suzan said...

I remember I had a metal doll house, it was quite big, but now
thinking about it, I have no memories of where it went. I was a tom boy for awhile, so guess that I wan't interested in that doll house!!! When we cleaned the house, I never found it, so it must have been given away to a neighbors daughter with my dolls...I do have Mom's doll and cradel,
If I have a granddaughter that will be a must.