Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bitterroot Valley is on the List

My plan for this one ........  feathers,  crosshatching,  flowers,  circles,  etc
This is going on the LA today, would like to get this quilted within a week.    I have more samples to make up for my wholecloth class plus I'm waiting on a Christmas quilt that I get the honor of quilting.    My computer crashed and I lost ALL my recent photos and  designs cause I didn't back up my file for the last couple of months.   DARN!      I like my new computer, it has a lot of extra features that are kind of cool.    I have skype with built in webcam & mic, just need to learn how to use it.     It sure takes up a lot time to download all my programs and info......   I need to hire some help,  I just want to quilt and do all this stuff.....   You know what I would really like???   is someone to do the house cleaning....    but then I would probably clean the house so it would be clean for her to

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