Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preparing for the Move

Yes we are putting the house on the market. We found our new home in upper Wisconsin. I've been soooooo busy these past two weeks. Not only did I get our house painted but I helped my daughter and her family pack and box up their house hold things ...... they are moving to Arizona in October. We will help them make their move also.   I'm going to really miss my granddaughters......

Painted the walls Rainwash,  a blue green .......   My French Blue!    Now to find area rugs.

Christmas  quilt that was put on the frame last night........  this was sent to me all the way from France
I wonder who?????

     This little apon was in with the quilt also.......     Love it!!!!    love the colors.   

                                 ONLY A MAMA COULD LOVE A FACE LIKE THIS                                       his name is Monte but we call him  "BooBoo"

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Suzan said...

wow, that is a move!!!
How is the tree?
will you have your studio?