Sunday, September 4, 2011

Customer Quilt

Quilting this for Kathy at the Gammill dealership,  she is behind in getting these quilts out,  so I decided to take on a few that were quick and easy.     This is the first one, just simple straight lines,   pebbles and wavy lines in the border,   that's it........  SIMPLE      In fact I change her idea of puzzle meandering  cause I can not do it........   mine looks terrible.     That is one background fill I will not 

My kids left yesterday for Arizona to get their house,    they girls are staying here until  everthing is in order then will help move their things and get them setteled.    I'm  not going to be SAD.......boohooo 


Suzan said...

Oh, don't be sad, you have been a great Mom and all the little birdies leave the nest. A good beginning in their new home, and I am sure that you will go and see them.
The Christmas tree is beautiful, I do have binding for it it is the same as the border, hope that it didn't give you many porblems, it has been going back and forth for quite a few years!!!!

Desley said...

I like the effect your quilting is creating. I hope you show the whole quilt when it is finished.