Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Baby Went to Her First Homecoming

Hannah's first Homecoming .....    EEEEEEGADS!!  I thought she was still a baby,   guess I don't want then to grow up.    She's Beautiful!!    I told her that I was going with her,  the first boy that gave her a look I would  SMACK!     Her reply    "Grammmmm"

My girls ( my favorite pic)
        Sydney , Hannah, Heather (youngest daughter) Jeanne (oldest) Jeanne's friend and Cammy

                         YEP!!   THEY ARE GROWING UP .......   TO FAST!!

Channing,  Sydney,  Jordan,   Hannah
Cammy in the middle,  Channing and Hannah are twins,  Jordan is the oldest

 These five have so much fun being together.   I love being around them.    Sydney and Cammy are moving to Arizona in a couple of weeks,   that means we'll have to make quite a few visits ........
What a busy month.....

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