Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finished and OFF The Frame

Center block -  forgot to finish putting the green touches

A little added feature .........  I saw a butterfly on Suzan's quilt and thought a dragon fly would look great on this quilt.     Thanks for the idea Suzan!

The quilt is finished,  the binding went on yesterday  but I can't show it until it is received.    She peeks!!
When she lets me know that she received it I will post the rest of the photos.    The binding is taking a little longer to tack down as it bothers my wrist to sew small stitches.      Oh yes.......  when I had the  quilt off the frame and taking pictures I noticed in the photos I forgot to finish the center with the green thread.    DORK!!!! 

1 comment:

Suzan said...

I love it, can I copy????
Say yes!!!!!