Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is what I worked on today......    was a strange day, quiet, no grandkids around,  BUT I did talk to the girls today.    They were in the pool and sunbathing,  ( "little rats".)  on Thanksgiving.     So today was a nice day to quilt.......    The quilting is kind of hard to see because of the fabric.    I'm using a peach color thread So Fine.    Something must be wrong with the thread it keeps fraying,  need to call Superior cause it is a new cone.   It is not the needle,  change it to see if that was the problem,  but I think it is the thread.

We had turkey roast,  it is not like the good ole days when grandma would cook a turkey.    It just does not taste the same.    Back to eating a healthy salad 

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