Thursday, October 17, 2013

Green/White Toile Quilt For DIL

My DIL collects green and white transfer ware.......      found six pieces today at an antique shop.  I think she might like these.    I also started her with a red set of transfer ware which I borrowed for Christmas this year to go along with my decorations........

She also wanted a quilt to go along with her pieces to decorate the house for Christmas.   Another find at the Textile Mill Outlet.    
This was a good top to practice feathers......     Played around with Jamie Wallen feathers

I not sure I like all that thread look......   (to much thread for me)
I used King Tut for texture and I guess I really got it.   DIL wanted a lighter green thread on the back.   The thread was variegated also......     It was great for the front as it didn't take away from the toile. 
Anyway she loves it......     Will deliver it in a couple of weeks

DIL talked me out of these ......    Now I need to make a couple more to sell.

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