Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fish Wall Hanging

Quilted simple lines to frame the border,  I didn't want heavy quilting to over play the fish.  Wanted the fish the focal  of the wall hanging.  Use king tut for water texture and rainbow for color on the fish.   This is a birthday gift for my friend Jane's son.   I guess we can tell he is a fisherman...  
LOOK WHAT MY MAGNIFYING GLASS DID.......I attached the magnifying glass to the table near the window and the sun light shown though the glass and burned the canvas .... unbelieveable! 
Good thing I was home.   How scary is that???

Floor is finished......time to lay the winter rugs and hang the winter curtains.   What a busy weekend.... accomplished quit a lot.


Angie said...

That is pretty scary. I've heard quilters make a cloth cover for their frame magnifiers. Now I see why. I'm glad you were home too---Hope it's not too hard to repair your cloth leader. Your new floor finish looks beautiful!

Joan said...

Oh wow - what great thing you were home...thats frightening! And my - the floor looks great!