Friday, October 1, 2010

My Aussie Friend

Check this out!    My friend Raylene Smith quilted this block for a sample to be given away in her class at the Australia Quilt Fest this week.   She's teaching a class on quilt designs and cross hatching.  (Hoping next year I can be there)   Raylene is the most beautiful quilter.  She has me frogging my quilts if the quilting isn't right or a mistake.   I never use to do that,  grrrrrr.   She has helped my with my quilting skills tremendously.   I would to see her come over here and teach a few classes at one of our shows.   I would be the first in

This is what I quilted yesterday .....  today will add color to the fish.  

The floors will get a coat of paint today .... It's been 4 years and time to freshen them up before the holidays.


Joan said...

Love the quilting. THe floors look like hard work though...

Raylene Smith said...

fair dinkum...there's my hope you realize that area done in the corner was deliberate to show what it would look like left out or with straight lines...I didn't miss it by was planned that way.....what's this painting the floor??? you get a second wind? ya meant ot be how you have quilted the fish quilt...lovely work, Reb