Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Hour Of Practice

                          This was an hour of quilting today ..... will work on the center panel tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bummer of A Week

This is how my weeks has been going .......  Doc stated that I have to stay off the foot for a week, also put me on heavy medication..... what a bummer!!   At least I'm getting some binding finished off..... binding the second quilt today.    I sure wish I had a "MAID" or a good little fairy,.... the house needs cleaning,  white floors show doggy foot prints.     BBBOOOORRRRIIIINNNNNGGGGG!!
(the black is my foot)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Progress on the Fairy Quilt

The little Fairy Quilt is now on the LA ...... worked on it for about an hour,  then back off the foot for a couple of hours.   This is a fun quilt to practice my feathers on ..... the quilt is for a little girl,  so it's calling  for feathers and swirls.   My friend Jane's will be happy with this.   She is so easy to please!
I outline the fairy and the little flowers to give dimension, a little thread play with the wings and hair.....didn't fill in all of the background as I would loose the dimension of the fairy and flowers.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Paper Doll Christmas

Just finished piecing this Christmas quilt today.    I love  paper dolls and so does my granddaughter..   The solid black block will have quilted green feather wreaths to match what is in the small print.

Mini Quilt Pieced

Finished this little mini up this morning around 5:30 a.m.  (21 x 27)    Had foot surgery yesterday,  was laid up all day with a little pain and didn't get to finish up some of my projects.   It is hard to stay off  your feet when your and active person...... that's what I told the doctor but he didn't buy it ..... so I have to be good this time and listen to him.   This was the third surgery, so I better listen.   Plan on doing a little hand work and drawing up quilting design for the fairy quilt.      

Monday, October 18, 2010

This Weeks Project

Working on a quilting design for this little quilt.... I think I know how I want it to look   like but will draw in up on paper first.   My friend Jane pieced this for her niece.

Jane and Nancy Zimmerman

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Mini Quilts

This is the little mini quilt that I'm putting together today and I think this will be given away as a gift...hummmm!   Love the colors in this little quilt.   Will post a photo when  it is completed.  tonight????


The little black & white toile I made five years ago.   It is embellished with little black beads, embroidery work, and a thin piping for the inner border.    I made this before I bought my LA and now I will add some quilting to the corner areas.   The little nine patch  block are 3/4 sq's.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Colors

Finished this quilt today.   I loved the leaf panto on this quilt.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Project for this Week

This is the quilting project for the week..... this quilt belongs to a friend,  she pieced this for her son.   I decided to do and E2E panto.   Didn't want to put feathers on this quilt,  wanted to keep it a little more masculine ..... so I decided to go with a leaf pattern.     

Monday, October 11, 2010

Twinky Goes To Her New Home

Twinky went home with my grandson today.  This was Joey's  first pet.  This little guy would call everyday wanting to know when he could come over and get Twinky.   I have never seen such a happy face.  He is such a good little boy.  He is only 5 years old, so polite .... will turn 6 next month.   He is going to be tall like his dad.  Here are the photos that tell the story of Twinky going home. 

Yellow Bird

Finally finished the quilt last week....named it Yellow Bird....don;t  know why but that name just stuck in my head.   This was a practice quilt for feathers, cross hatching, and rule work.  I really enjoyed just practicing.   A few mistakes but that is OK,  it is my quilt.   There are a few stitches that I will take out cause I know they will bug me. (also I have this little Aussie voice in my head telling me that the stitches  need to come out)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wicked Witch Landed

Look who landed at my house....... I think she came after her bike .... to bad it is chained to the porch.  

Twinke went to the vet today for her first shot....  she is five weeks old.   She has to wait one more week before she can go to her new home.    My grandson was here today to see her.   He is sooooooo excited,  this is his first pet.  

I love my fall pumpkin quilt.   I was going to give it away as a gift but decide to keep it.  Looks pretty  good hanging over the door on the armoire.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fish Wall Hanging

Quilted simple lines to frame the border,  I didn't want heavy quilting to over play the fish.  Wanted the fish the focal  of the wall hanging.  Use king tut for water texture and rainbow for color on the fish.   This is a birthday gift for my friend Jane's son.   I guess we can tell he is a fisherman...  
LOOK WHAT MY MAGNIFYING GLASS DID.......I attached the magnifying glass to the table near the window and the sun light shown though the glass and burned the canvas .... unbelieveable! 
Good thing I was home.   How scary is that???

Floor is finished......time to lay the winter rugs and hang the winter curtains.   What a busy weekend.... accomplished quit a lot.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My Aussie Friend

Check this out!    My friend Raylene Smith quilted this block for a sample to be given away in her class at the Australia Quilt Fest this week.   She's teaching a class on quilt designs and cross hatching.  (Hoping next year I can be there)   Raylene is the most beautiful quilter.  She has me frogging my quilts if the quilting isn't right or a mistake.   I never use to do that,  grrrrrr.   She has helped my with my quilting skills tremendously.   I would to see her come over here and teach a few classes at one of our shows.   I would be the first in

This is what I quilted yesterday .....  today will add color to the fish.  

The floors will get a coat of paint today .... It's been 4 years and time to freshen them up before the holidays.