Friday, April 1, 2011

The Center

Using wool and cotton batting,  so fine teal which you can see my little wobbles.  Geeeeez!
Now I have to drive into Chicago to  the Sew & Quilt show to pick up thread and maybe a few other things.  I promised myself that I would not go overboard.     Can't finish quilting until I get the thread.    I use a ton of off white #402...... maybe I should buy a 
Oh yes... I'm going to test drive some of the  fun  fun


Angie said...

What a pretty quilting design! I use a lot of So-Fine too. But, I've started using Connecting Threads Essential Pro thread. I only have two cones, but it runs so well on my long arm, and the price is outstanding I've decided to buy more colors. 60 wt. so it back tracks beautifully. I use So-Fine in the bobbin. You might want to try a cone of white...I wish I could go to the Chicago Sew & Quilt show with you! I live in Calif., so no chance of that happening anytime soon. But, you have a great time and tell us what you see, and show us what you bought. Have fun testing all the new upgraded long arm machines. So many new features. Have fun-fun-fun!

Diane said...

I use So Fine 402 alot too. But like Angie have tried the C. Threads Essential Pro and love it-need to get more colors too.
have fun at the show and good luck not going overboard!